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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Silver breaks $46 tonight

You know, as they say...

another day, another dollar


another day, another dollar more for silver


The Chinese Silver Bullet

Here's a good one on silver demand in china. It's an older video, but still worth a watch. As Americans we are used to thinking that we are the primary consumer demand in the world. This may have been the case 50 years ago, it's not anymore. The rest of the world understands and appreciates physical silver and gold. So you want to travel? The rest of the world won't always accept FRNs in the future. They will accept gold and silver.



From the blogsphere:

The Guangzhou Daily reported that a man went into a local bullion dealer in Guangzhou and bought 10 million RMB worth of physical silver. This amount converts to roughly $1.5 million USD. This Chinese investor and his assistants brought in eight suitcases full of cash to complete the transaction. I wanted to point out about physical silver is - market price - paper silver has a price determined by the banks, where as real silver has a price determined by the market. With physical silver you can refuse to sell for a particular price and try to find a different buyer whereas with bank silver there is a fixed price and all buyers are considered to be the same. They "make" the market.?



Expect The Gold To Silver Ratio To Hit Single Digits

This is along the same lines as what I was thinking when I posted my updated investment strategy. Buy as much silver as you can, and when the ratio approaches 10 or goes below, sell some of your silver and buy gold. You will then have done a few things. Namely, you got out of the paper money system. You invested in an undervalued via manipulation physical asset, Silver. The manipulation will be destroyed and the price of silver will shoot to the sky and close the gold/silver ratio. Then all that silver profits you can move into physical gold and bam!, you now have lots of the ultimate form of money and store of wealth, gold.


Eric Sprott: "Expect The Gold To Silver Ratio To Hit Single Digits"

From Eric Sprott and Andrew Morris

Follow The Money

You know silver’s doing well when the commentators start giving it the ‘gold’ treatment. Silver’s recent rise has been so spectacular that it’s caught many investors off guard. It’s natural to be sceptical when you don’t know the fundamentals driving strong performance, and many pundits and commentators have been quick to downplay it as a result - much like they do towards gold when it enjoys a run. Silver is also an awkward metal for them to categorize. Is it a commodity, a monetary metal, or both? And which side is driving demand? If it’s industrial demand, that’s ok, because that’s bullish. But if it’s investment demand for silver as ‘money’, well then that’s sort of bearish, isn’t it? The fact remains that most commentators have failed to grasp the monetary shifts that silver is signaling today, and in doing so they’ve failed to appreciate just how high it could actually go.


Don't forget about oil either. $111 today.


$44.5 Silver, Yikes

It's starting to move way too fast. I wanted to buy more phyzz, trying to work and get the dough, but it's looking like I may not get that chance. From what I can see the "hits" trying to take down the price are no longer working. As soon as the Banksters knock it down us average Joe's are sucking it right back up.

Remember Max Keiser says the JP Morgue will start having issues at $47. Max out all credit cards, dump all your bank accounts, close out all your retirement funds... and buy as much phyzz Silver as you possibly can. Once we breach the all time nominal high around $50 there is no stopping Silver. There is no ceiling at that point, and its true price is still unknown. Well, we know that it is higher, how high is the question.

Don't forget to bury it in your yard and don't tell your neighbors. Used up coffee cans work really well. Plant a shrub on top so you know exactly where to go looking when it's time to dig it up.

Ask your friends and neighbors about gold and silver... Go ahead and ask. Less than 1% of Americans own any non-jewelry gold and silver. In previous bubbles this number was more than 20%. Gold and silver are so far away from a bubble you should be put to sleep for thinking that. The bubble is the amount of federal reserve notes in circulation.

Silver is the Black Swan. Happy Investing =)


P.S. If you have taken physical delivery of phyzz Ag, you are now part of the Global Silver Liberation Army, whether you like it or not.