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Thursday, September 8, 2011

don't be foolzed gold

I just want to make a brief comment, that if you think that the picture in my previous post is all that matters in the world you have something seriously wrong with your soul.

Sound money is important, but being a good human requires none. Efficient economies need sound (stable money, but efficient souls do not.

In our quest for financial freedom from the banksters and the Illuminati, don't lose sight of what is important. Important is health, friends, family, loved ones, parents, children, gardens, nature, etc... you get the idea.

Money is a tool. A power saw makes cutting easier. A power screw-gun makes driving screws easier. A hammer helps with nails. Money is a tool that helps economies function better. Never forget that. Money is only a tool. It isn't the stuff of life that really matters.

Keep stacking. It's a tool to your financial freedom.

A Man Can Dream

If I had the stash shown below, I'd never have to work another day in my life. Unless I wanted to.





Ron Paul 4 Prez 2012



Truth stranger than fiction


This is a nasa picture of saturn, just taken, with the sun behind, illuminating the rings and dust orbiting saturn.

We live on a beautiful planet in a fascinating solar system with unimaginable planet and moon neighbors in a enormous galaxy in an infinite universe, which is probably only one of many universes.

I might add, most of the atoms in our bodies are created only in the death of stars and supernovas, and nowhere else.