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Friday, July 29, 2011

Visiting a hospital far riskier than flying in an airplane

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Visiting a hospital far riskier than flying in an airplane

(NaturalNews) They say that flying is the safest way to travel, but who would have thought that it is even safer than visiting a hospital?

Yes it is, according to the World Health Organization, which recently appointed a "health czar" to inform doctors and hospitals to take such earth-shattering measures as washing their hands.

The WHO named Liam Donaldson, Great Britain's former chief medical officer, to combat what the global health watchdog claims is a growing problem around the world - worsening health conditions inside hospitals.

In Canada, the WHO's Report on the Burden of Endemic Health Care-Associated Infection Worldwide 2011 said the "health-care-associated infection rate" of patients is 11.6 percent, one of the worst levels among developed countries. In the U.S., the report said, it's much lower - 4.5 percent. The European Centre for Disease Control says Europe's overall rate is 7.1 percent.