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Saturday, April 30, 2011

So you hate your job? Tired Yet?

So you hate your job? So you work as a slave for Big Pharma, or Big Med? So you work for the Banking Cartel? So you work for the Propaganda re-Education System?


Tired yet. You work for and worry everyday about your 'Money' and your 'Savings', yet you do not protect them. You slave physical labor everyday and deal with Retards and Moochers and Looters. And for all your labor and mental wellbeing, you have nothing but a Computer Digit on a Bankster website?

401ks were a design by the Banksters, because they knew that pensions would be unsustainable come now. So they came up with the 401k, as a way to tax you in retirement, to supplement their lack of ability to pay pensions. TAX A LITTLE NOW, OR A LOT LATTER. You are participating in the scam. But it's bigger than Ponzi or Madoff.

It sounds crazy to you. LOCO. The smartest thing you could do right now is sell out of your 401ks, your ROTH IRAs, and buy phyzz silver. And some gold.

You have 6-10 months. If you have questions I will do my best to answer them. If you do nothing, you will probably disown me as a friend because you won't be able to face how POOR of a decision you made TODAY. I understand this risk, but still I fight for YOU.

I'm literally wearing out trying to figure out how to reach you. And how to reach other people. I don't know anymore. I feel like my thoughts and comments go unanswered and I lose you. Time is running out.

I inquire you to re-watch the "mad as hell" post and vid I had earlier.


Texas Bill Would Make Invasive Pat-Downs a Felony


Stop being a SHEEP. Stop putting up with privacy violations. Stop being molested, and while you're at it, stop letting the children of this country get molested too.

Knock, knock... anyone home McClide?

We are legion, they are a bunch of degenerate cowards. Wake up and let's join hands and stop putting up with this and ALL THINGS bullshit.


Texas Bill Would Make Invasive Pat-Downs a Felony

FORT WORTH, Texas -- A former Miss USA's claims of being groped during a pat-down at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport could be a felony under a bill gaining momentum in the Texas Legislature.
The bill would make it illegal for a security officer to intentionally touch someone's private areas -- even atop clothing...



Silver to the moon

I'm just typing this now, so that it is record, and you will have to admit that I (and others) were correct 1 and 2 years from now.


They have been playing the $47-you-are-screwed-jpmorgan-chase. They dropped it, but it was bought again. Get ready for epic surges in the price of silver.

I CALL $100 before 2011 ends. For the record, on this almost May 2011.


George Thorogood I Drink Alone

this guy is good, in my archives, didn't even know it.

George Thorogood I Drink Alone


One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

Maybe my theme song for the night, after my successful flights.

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

Wanna tell you a story,
about the house-man blues
I come home one Friday,
had to tell the landlady I'd-a lost my job
She said that don't confront me,
long as I get my money next Friday
Now next Friday come I didn't get the rent,
and out the door I went

So I goes to the landlady,
I said, "You let me slide?"
I'll have the rent for you tomorrow.
the next day I don't know
So said let me slide it on you know people,
I notice when I come home in the evening
She ain't got nothing nice to say to me,
but for five year she was so nice
Loh' she was lovy-dovy,
I come home one particular evening
The landlady said, "You got the rent money yet?",
I said, "No, can't find no job"
Therefore I ain't got no money to pay the rent
She said "I don't believe you're tryin' to find no job"
Said "I seen you today you was standin' on a corner,
leaning up against a post"
I said "But I'm tired, I've been walkin' all day"
She said "That don't confront me,
long as I get my money next Friday"
Now next Friday come I didn't have the rent,
and out the door I went

So I go down the streets,
down to my good friend's house
I said "Look man I'm outdoors you know,
can I stay with you maybe a couple days?"
He said "Uh, Let me go and ask my wife"
He come out of the house,
I could see in his face
I know that was no
He said "I don't know man, ah she kinda funny, you know"
I said "I know, everybody funny, now you funny too"
So I go back home
I tell the landlady I got a job, I'm gonna pay the rent
She said "Yeah?" I said "Oh yeah"
And then she was so nice,
loh' she was lovy-dovy
So I go in my room, pack up my things and I go,
I slip on out the back door and down the streets I go
She a-hollerin' about the front rent, she'll be lucky to get any back rent,
she ain't gonna get none of it
So I stop in the local bar you know people,
I go to the bar, I ring my coat, I call the bartender
Said "Look man, come down here", he got down there
So what you want?

One bourbon, one scotch, one beer
Well I ain't seen my baby since I don't know when,
I've been drinking bourbon, whiskey, scotch and gin
Gonna get high man I'm gonna get loose,
need me a triple shot of that juice
Gonna get drunk don't you have no fear
I want one bourbon, one scotch and one beer
One bourbon, one scotch, one beer

But I'm sitting now at the bar,
I'm getting drunk, I'm feelin' mellow
I'm drinkin' bourbon, I'm drinkin' scotch, I'm drinkin' beer
Looked down the bar, here come the bartender
I said "Look man, come down here"
So what you want?

One bourbon, one scotch, one beer
No I ain't seen my baby since the night before last,
gotta get a drink man I'm gonna get gassed
Gonna get high man I ain't had enough,
need me a triple shot of that stuff
Gonna get drunk won't you listen right here,
I want one bourbon, one shot and one beer
One bourbon, one scotch, one beer

Now by this time I'm plenty high,
you know when your mouth a-getting dry you're plenty high
Looked down the bar I say to my bartender
I said "Look man, come down here", he got down there
So what you want this time?
I said "Look man, a-what time is it?"
He said "The clock on the wall say three o'clock
Last call for alcohol, so what you need?"

One bourbon, one scotch, one beer
No I ain't seen my baby since a nigh' and a week,
gotta get drunk man so I can't even speak
Gonna get high man listen to me,
one drink ain't enough Jack you better make it three
I wanna get drunk I'm gonna make it real clear,
I want one bourbon, one scotch and one beer
One bourbon, one scotch, one beer


12 Steps of Protection

No, hah, not talking about AA.

On a side comment I landed 7 times in 2 different airfields today in 20-30 kts wind, which is a record and my first multi-airfield flight.

Okay, now for the rant.

I KNOW you don't watch the vids I post or read through the websites I link. I KNOW this because if you did you would be asking me more questions and you would be buying more Silver. So, I finally got around to watching the Lindsey video I posted a few days back.

It's 2 hours and my web is slow so I have to download it at work, and then I was in south LA for 3 days. Anyhow, besides that the entire video is interesting (albeit the sound quality sucks), Lindsey discusses 12 things he thinks it would be wise for you to do to prepare and protect yourself from the coming financial global fiat meltdown.

Oh by the way, you have 6 months. This raping will be finished by the end of 2012, the sooner you prep, the better off you will be. Here's the list and order he gave, plus some of his comments:

1. 6 mo. food and water (don't forget pets)
- duh!, remember flavor enhances such as gatorade, etc. I like canned vegi's too because they were canned pre-fuckushima, which means they are also radiation free.

2. Get outta stocks, Stat.
- duh! I have heard insiders say 13,200 on the DJI is the top. if we reach that point run as fast as you can from all equity markets if you haven't already. It's not safe. If you get 2% and inflation is 10% you are still screwed. But it's better than losing 70% in a equity collapse.

3. Cash in hand for 3 mo.
- while cash will eventually be worthless, as we discussed, for a short period of time it will still function as normal currency. You need to have physical cash in hand (under your mattress, because the banks will be closed and/or will limit your withdrawal limits).

4. Close out all 401ks (see 5., at least move into 'safe' interest
paying account)
- It will be 'patriotic' to surrender your 401ks to the guberment to pay off national debt. If you have a retirerment account it will be highly vulnerable to gov. theft. At least move into 'no risk, interest paying funds. but my advice is to cash out and buy phyzz metals)

5. Gold and Silver (you haven't seen anything yet)
- Duh! I think I cover this enough

6. Travel (travel will break down)
- if you want to travel or need to, plan on travel infrastructure to be at least partially shutdown. gas at $7 will kill airlines, trains, etc...

7. Debt, get rid of it
- duh! I'm doing something crazy by buying silver with debt. my goal however is ZERO debt by the time I get my last payment from work in Nov. However, I may let my truck payments ride.

8. Roof over your head PAID FOR
- Log cabin better than a 2M house with a mortgage on it. Fed Res. owns all mortgages and your ass.

9. Fire Arms (duh!)

10. Pray (spiritual balance, whatev you do, do it)

11. Where do you live? (outside major cities or bugout spot)
- Fact: All elites live outside major cities as a primary residence

12. Prep for personally health care

Signs the USD super collapse is in full swing:
EURO collapse (you have 2 weeks to ditch dollars)
Price of Crude (their goal is > $200 / barrel
China (they start selling Treasury Notes)