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Monday, August 29, 2011

Music Homework for Manic Monday

As the times darken, the music and arts will get better. The 'teens' will be just as good as the 60's. True art reflects truly on the current times. It's just starting this is a warm-up. There is a battle raging, choose your side.

"It's another day, it's another day"
"Let the light shine in and protect you"
"Do your thing so the world won't forget you"
"Help those that have never met you"
"A whole new faith will connect you, to the real you"

"Break the mold, turn lead into gold"




Science Fiction: Food For Thought

There is an obvious connection between science fiction and the future technology. I have long thought that science fiction is what inspires the next generation of science minds, which is what drives the creation of new knowledge and technology.

Some call science fiction writers prophecies. I have often wondered on this idea. I am currently reading the foreword to a book called Battlefield Earth. The book is science fiction, but the author is discussing what science fiction IS. In which the author writes, shockingly to me, the following:

But there is more to this: science fiction, particularly in its Golden Age, had a mission. I cannot, of course, speak for my friends of that period. But from Campbell and from “shooting the breeze” with other writers of the time, one got the very solid impression that they were doing a heavy job of beating the drum to get man to the stars.


What he is saying is that the sci-fi writers were literally trying to drive man to the stars, and change the world by having the dreams. For me, this almost changes my entire outlook on sci-fi. They are 'dream weavers', "doing a heavy job of beating the drum to get man to the stars".

Truth stranger than fiction. =)


Should Math Be Taught in School?

We might as well teach kids at age 2 that they are slaves. Oh wait, that's what the public education system is. Slaves to the global elite also known as the Banksters or the Illuminati or the Shadow Guberment or the Invisible Hand or Powers that Be.