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Monday, August 1, 2011

Your Greatest Asset is Yourself

Usually I just bounce around articles here, but I'll write an original post for once.

Your Greatest Asset is Yourself

As we go through the financial collapse, you must remember this fact: Your greatest asset is yourself. I don't remember where I read this, but it was many years ago and it was in regards to investments, and the idea has stuck with me. What this means is that the best way to spend your capital is to invest in your greatest asset, yourself. This means learning, both written knowledge and experiential, such as learning latin or to scuba dive or play guitar or drive a boat or jump out of an airplane with a parachute or fly the airplane. Everything you do to enhance your being enhances the value of yourself, your greatest asset.

They can take everything you have, or you can lose it. Everything, except, your self. It just so happens that your greatest asset is yours and always will be. When you stand naked in the shower you are still you. You have lost nothing because you are yourself and material objects are strictly irrelevant. This is the dirty little secret they don't want you to know about. Money, while nice, doesn't gauge you as a person. Money is kind of like a power tool in the sense that you use it, and it makes your labor easier, but it is just a tool. It isn't YOU. So taking that vacation to mexico and riding those 4-wheelers enhances you, which is an investment. Stacking up your 401k does nothing, in fact, it wastes your potential, it hides away your labor. Buying a boat and going fishing enhances you, but bragging about it does not. Knowing how to shoot a gun enhances your value, but talking about a strong American military force does not. Knowing what money is enhances your greatest asset's worth, but acquiring lots of it does not.

When it gets really bad out there in a few years, you will find many people around you who are scared shitless because everything they've been taught will be found out to be a fraud. And, all their ideas about their value, a.k.a. their wealth, will be be ripped from them. But if you understand that your greatest asset is yourself and it can't be taken from you then you have THE SHIELD. It will pass you over like the wind does while you are sitting on the beach with a cocktail.

Live. Learn. Love. Laugh.

Living uses your greatest asset. Learning enhances your greatest asset. Loving shares with others your greatest asset. Laugh... why not? Laughing is a part of Living.


How to Beat the System and Stay Alive

I have been actively trying to understand how to resist the machine with non violence and also without causing personal harm. This writer also has come to my conclusion. Systematically disconnect your self from the system, create your own system, stop feeding the machine. Do favors and work for free. Trade your time with your neighbors. Sell your paper digital money, pay off debt, and buy physical gold and silver, starve the beast.

The key is disconnecting yourself and starving the beast by denying your participation. We are the energy that drives the system, they are only vampiric. We have to build another reality and system BEFORE this one crashes. It is crashing, the signs are all around us.


How to Beat the System and Stay Alive

The Secessio method

Stop feeding the Machine.

There is no need to flee your home.

The beauty of the XXI century is that to disappear, we need to do less, not make an extra effort.

The Machine understands only 2 things: money and power – deny it both.

Resist any offer they peddle – look for what you need, not for what they want you to owe them for.

Use money only if there is no other way – try to do things for free, because they must be done, because you want them to happen, or exchange favors with neighbors.
Use cash only.

Kill 2 birds with one stone: withdraw paper money from the vicious circle and invest into your independence – PMs, clean seeds, solar power, water, tools – the works.

Cancel your credit card.
Quit the banks.


Guard your real name, phone, address, email. Have a few sets of those; use the real ones only when the Machine focuses on you specifically.

Stay away from newspapers, websites, TV programs they want you to keep up with – find the ones you will enjoy.

Ignore franchises, support neighbors.

Minimize your online footprint – if you need details about this one, please let me know in the comments.

Meet new people, be confident, positive and open. It’s the most devastating blow to the system that needs us all depressed, scared, dumbed down and armored up.

Probability of getting to live on your terms: 99/100.
Probability of bringing the starvation of the system closer: 99/100.

No violence, no resistance, pure nothing.
The smaller your footprint, the bigger the effect.



Chapman - Gold and silver to double by february as a minimum

Long and strong.


Chapman - Gold and silver to double by february as a minimum