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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Warning: The phyzz silver sharks are feasting

From and awesome blogger,

And boom goes the dynamite
Just got off the phone with my dealer. They were in 'all hands on deck" action today talking orders like "silver was free."

Buy phyzz to sell phyzz ratio today over there was 101:1 If you are too slow to figure that out less than 1% of the orders were to sell back to them.

Yup, one poor fellow traded in his phyzz today.

If this continues, you might as well nominate the Bears Part 6 video to be part of the ministry of education's mandatory curriculum study in real street economics. Of course its too early to say this, but so far so good.

Tomorrow's open will determine if the Monday hike is priced in, and if we are ready to obliterate the idiot shorts that were put on at $35/$36.

Grab a seat. Should be a doozy. Good luck and always wear protection.



silvergoldsilver rant

silvergoldsilver just posted a good rant on silver on his blog

Check it out. He's usually right, has inside hedgie friends, and is the author of the 'silver bears' videos you all so much love


Flying is an expensive Hobby

You thought boating or golfing was an expensive hobby. Oh my, as you may know I'm working on my private license. Found what my bday present will be this year:

Bose A20® aviation headset

$1095.95. Ouch!